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Originally Posted by jlauntz
Not to sound disrespectful but look at the countries in the Caribbean. Many of them have some of the most deplorable living conditions I have ever seen.
To answer your question. I want to visit Cuba to see for myself how beautiful the country really is. Having been to the beaches at Guantanamo Bay I can only imagine how beautiful some of the other beaches and mountains must be. Since it is obvious that "our", and by that I mean the U.S. governments, embargo of Cuba has done nothing to deter the regime in place, nor has it convinced them that our way of life is the best. Maybe it is possible that the easing of restrictions may have a positive effect. After all Americans can visit other communist countries. ie: Russia, Vietnam, China you get my point. I believe that it is possible that ordinary citizens can accomplish things that governments cannot. [/b]
Point taken... but, in the Carribbean islands, the government is not communist. Last time I looked... communist governments had one HUGE thing in common... the desire to destroy the American government! My opinion... why do people want to visit these countries when the government wants to destroy us? Crazy!

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