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Default NCL Self Serve Laundry Facilities

Hi to all past, present and future NCL cruisers, Just wanted to express my disappointment at the cancellation of the self serve laundry facilities on the NCL ships. Having sailed on the Jewel several times and being a back-to-back cruiser (usually on board for 27 days), as well as having two small children (ages 3 & 7) I was very grateful for the laundry room on board. We are booked on a 33 day back to back cruise for 2009 on the Sun. I telephoned guest relations to find out how different the Sun is compared to the Jewel. In the conversation I found out that the laundry facility has been cancelled. He gave me an idea of the cost of the laundry service i.e., $4.50 for shorts and $2.00 per pair of socks. To put things in perspective lets add it up…$2.00 per pair of socks x 4 people x 33 days = $264.00 Just wanted all the NCL cruisers who do back to back cruises, who cruise with young children and those who still travel on a budget to know this new development. I have previously cruised on Holland American a few times. They have laundry rooms…may have to go back to them depending on the length of cruise.
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