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Well, I guess it depends on the itinerary and length of cruise, as well as age of cruiser. If you are a middle age man on a Caribbean cruise for seven days you probably would not find use for a laundry room. However, if you were on a European cruise or a South American cruise for a month I would hope to find you at least once in the laundry room or please don’t sit near me. It’s funny how you were able to get a photo of an empty room. On my last cruise on NCL in Sept. 2008, 24 day Baltic/transatlantic (also having been in London, UK for a week before catching the cruise in Dover) the wait was so long for the use of the machines that people started a waiting list so they could leave and get a call in their cabin when it was their turn. All of the people who were on that cruise know what it was like especially those with the children. Never once did I walk into the laundry room without finding people waiting. My husband and I found it best to go down in the middle of the night on the eve of a port day but even then we would run into others. It was the exact same way when I was on my 25 day Mediterranean cruise in May/June of 2007 after spending an additional week in Athens, Greece before catching the cruise. The laundry room was always packed! Maybe it’s just a need that back to back cruisers and people cruising with young children need. If a laundry room is not a need that you have than that’s fine but for all of us out there that need this service please make your need known.
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