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Originally Posted by mehawk
Last time I looked... communist governments had one HUGE thing in common... the desire to destroy the American government!
I'm no fan of communism, but as a stand-alone statement, that is simply not true. Ho Chi Minh, for example, adored the United States in his younger years. He was a romantic and naive man, and honestly expected the U.S. would support his nationalist struggle against the French, despite his being a communist. He was a student of the American Revolution and compared his situation with the French to that of Washington with the British. Even after the U.S. intervened in the Vietnamese civil war, he remained focused on Vietnam only, and certainly never had any notion of "destroying the American government". Your comment about a goal of destruction is ironic in light of who invaded who!

I think if your focus is on those who desire to destroy the American government, you might look to those who sympathize with the American Confederate traitors. As you might recall, they actually raised an army and almost did destroy the United States. In some parts of the country, their treason is still revered. In the current era, that seems a more potent danger than communism.

Cheers, Aidan
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