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Originally Posted by You
I doubt there would be an insurance payment for their kids. Suicide isn't accepted is it?
It depends upon the policy and the laws of the state in which they bought the policy. Some states do not allow exclusion of a suicide that occurs more than three years after the date of the policy.

Originally Posted by You
If they fell at that age...They were not getting up and walking away. I have seen broken bones from a fall on a carpet.
It depends upon their health. Some of us are more fragile than others at that age.

Originally Posted by You
What we don't know is where their cabin was, are there ajoining balconies there, did they have any cash with them or was it ALL in the cabin with their belongings and did they know anyone else on the cruise?
Yes, all of which would be useful to know.

But the locked door to the passageway and the unlocked door to the balcony really do suggest a suicide jump very strongly.

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