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Originally Posted by shoreguy
Originally Posted by Mike M
I am disappointed that the laundry areas have been removed. I know that we have used them on each NCL cruise. It was great to was a load of t-shirts, shorts and undergarments.

On our last cruise (Jewel, Baltic) the laundry rooms were almost always full on sea days and the only time you could get in was late or early.

More people use them on longer cruises, especially overseas.

Originally Posted by NMNita
This was a disappointment to many when we found out, but very few lines offer the service.
"Very few" is not correct. There are a number of lines that offer the service, even luxury and niche lines like Oceania.

No question they were used but with only a few rooms onboard only by perhaps <10%. The $20 stuff a bag that they seem to running twice on the longer cruises is perfect for what you washed. I know for a fact I was able to stuff just over $50 at reagular rates into one bag on the Jade. I know this because the initial bill was by the piece not the flat rate and no hanging out in the laundry room for a couple hours.

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The person I spoke to at guest relations said that not all the NCL ships have the full bag specials and the special only pops up once in awhile. This was the same person who told me it cost $2.00 to have one pair of socks cleaned!
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