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Originally Posted by green
I started this thread, and I haven't been following it lately, but I just wanted to comment on the other posts. I don't mind if my neighbors are out on their balconies when we are, and I don't really care what they do, as long as they aren't loud and disruptive. If someone comes out with a boombox or is drinking and gets loud, they become an annoyance to other passengers.

As far as having sex on the balcony, nightime or while your neighbors are at dinner is a much better choice than right after lunch. You can't expect your neighbors to stay inside because you are "using" the balcony, and it would be embarassing to be doing it with your neighbors only a few feet away on their balcony, so just pick a time when your neighbors are unlikely to be out.
Green. I agree with you totally. While we have enjoyed many cruises we have only had a couple of cruises with bad balcony neighbours. One was a cigar smoker, who sent my husbands asthma completely wild, the other was with a couple who could not hold their liquor and if one was puking in the bathroom the other used the side of the balcony. While they had every right to enjoy their balconies, it did impact our ability to enjoy theirs. Don't worry it's not always like this, next time you'll probably have the best neighbours ever and despite any comments to the contrary, bad neighbours happen on all cruise lines.
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