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Since we travel with kids and we generally extend trips out longer than just getting to and from the cruise, we really like the convenience of laundries on the ship. I always use the laundry if the ship has one.

Our last cruise was a western Med. and we were gone over two weeks. We paid well over $100 extra to have essentials washed while on board, since there was no laundry onboard. I don't have any regrets, since this cruise was very port intensive and had no sea days, it was money well spent. But on our North American cruises, I intend to spend a little time doing research to find a laundry to drop of our clothes at in port, and then pick them up as we return to the ship. I refuse to pack that much stuff when you have to fly. It is just too hard to handle 2 kids and all that luggage.
I think this is not that big of a deal (but I wish they still had the laundry), you just need to plan ahead and find alternative arrangements. I kind of feel like it would be nicer to just drop my laundry off at a local laundry in port, while I get to go relax at the beach then go pick it up on the way back. I don't mind that too much...but don't tell NCL that .

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