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Originally Posted by nmnita
Originally Posted by shoreguy
Originally Posted by Diana.s.f

The person I spoke to at guest relations said that not all the NCL ships have the full bag specials and the special only pops up once in awhile. This was the same person who told me it cost $2.00 to have one pair of socks cleaned!
I have yet to be on an NCL cruise that did not have that special in the last 5 years. Looking at the laundry prices from my last cruise socks were $1 a pair.

actually Shoreguy, the Star did not offer in the last time we cruised them which was fall of 2007. They did have the first day pressing special..


I'm not sure how old you list is but the person I spoke to at NCL guest relations was Mario at 1 866 625-1164 ex 4774. I spoke to him on several occasions. He has called me several times with different pieces of information on the laundry situation. It was the day I wrote my first message (Jan. 20 '09) that he called me with the prices from the Sun with the socks being $2.00 a pair. Now, although he works for NCL he could be wrong...I guess! Feel free to phone him, it's toll free and I would hate for you to go on a long cruise expecting to pay $1.00 a pair and find out the cost has doubled since they removed the do-it-yourself facility and now have a captive client

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