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Default Re: December weather

We traveled back December 3rd, 2003 out of Galveston. The weather was nice and sunny but the temperature and wind was chilly. We wore jeans, sweatshirt and light jacket on the ship as we left Galveston. The wind really picks up when you set sail. The next morning the weather was still too chilly to lay out in a swimsuit but it was ok in clothes, later that evening it was wonderful and we couldn't wait to put shorts on. In Cozumel we wore shorts, tank tops and sandals. In Calica we sweat!!! Big time! It was hot. When we arrived back in Galveston we put back on our jeans and shirts and light jacket. We are headed back on December 4th on the Elation. Can't wait and look forward to the beautiful weather and water! If you have anyother questions I would be more than happy to answer them for you!

Luanne...Sad that you aren't going on the cruise with us but am very glad you are going later and was able to get off work. Have a great time!

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