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Originally Posted by You
We just want to be certain it wasn't murder. As this happened on a ship I have sailed. I'm a West Coast cruiser and may cruise this ship and ports again. It would be nice to know for certain that crewmember did not murder the couple and throw them overboard. If protecting my own safety is ghoulish, then I'm a ghoul.
The fact that they found the cabin door double locked from the inside is a pretty good indicator that it is not a murder by a member of the crew. Even a member of the crew would not be able to set the double locks from outside of the cabin.

Of course, it's possible that the husband dumped his wife overboard and then jumped himself or vice versa, making it a murder-suicide....

But we also can rule out a murder-suicide by a member of the crew by the fact that no members of the crew were reported missing.

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