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Default Re: What is the average cost for tipping on a 7-8 day cruise

Originally Posted by NewbieFamilyCruise
Hi My whole family ( Hubby 3 kids, Sister 2 kids, Mom Dad and Lil bro) are going on our first cruise together. Well second for my parents. In October on the Spirit ship. I keep reading about automatic tipping and want to make sure we bring enough money and some extra for great service! Luckily my Hubby's bonus check comes right before we leave so I think we'll have enough for everything, but my Sis is a single Mom and I don't want her to worry about it so I want to have enough for both of us. Can anyone remember. Also I just realized it will be hurricane season, will that be a problem? Will it rain allot? Any information would be appreciated! Thanks
If you do the automatic tipping for 11 people on a 7 day cruise it comes to $770 total for everyone. $880 for a 8 day cruise. Keep in mind that is the minimum. If you get great service which we usually get we leave more. If we have our grandkids with up we make sure to tip the folks at Camp Carnival also. They are well worth every penny and then some. Your other concern was about sailing during hurricane season. My wife and I don't mind sailing during hurricane season because we don't care if the ports of call change. We don't even care if they have to skip a port. Missing a port or going to a different port than the one we were scheduled to go to is not enough to get upset about. We are so glad to be on the ship that we are going to have fun no matter what. The weather is one thing that you can't control. My recomendation is if you are worried about hurricanes make sure that you buy trip insurance. We always buy it no matter what time of the year we are sailing. Out of 10 cruises we have only had to use it once and we were so glad we had it.

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