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Originally Posted by Parrot Mom
On one of our first cruises 20 years ago we sat at a table with very elderly people..As it turns out one of the couples was the hit of the ship singing to his darling wife.. We are now in our 70's..and thinking about a H/A only because of the itinerary..Talk to us seniors.. we have been to Macchu Picchu when it opened, spent weeks in Colombia, traveled exensively.. Neither Parrot Pop or I like to hang around with old people... One day in the D.R. a young couple said to us.. "we want to be like you when we get older" Age is a state of mind...unfortunately the body tells you when your old. We are heading to the Amazon in April... Talk to us.. you might learn something.. we don't like "old" people.. and you can be old at 50 or 60.. but some seniors are a blast
boy is that true and one of our daughters best friends, a couple she and hubby have known for years say the same: we want to be just like is a good feeling..

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