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I second the complete removal of self-assist debarkation. This is bordering on a gripe but I am tired of people who cannot follow basic instructions who clog up elevators, hallways and worst of all stairwells as they wait everywhere they shouldn't with far too much luggage.

We have done self assist in the past, one bag each, easily manageable with one hand to spare to hold documents, etc. And it works not too bad. However, you have to wait with those who are completely loaded down, cannot reach for their sign and sail because they don't have any free hands and have to stop to rebalance luggage every three seconds.

We're spoiled now with Platinum, we have a leisurely breakfast and get off whenever we please after the rush.

And for whoever mentioned those calls for immigration, I could not agree more. As a Canadian we are subjected to the 5 AM wakeup call every single time we debark, unfortunately, we are still listening for other people who once again 'cannot follow simple instructions" to show up for immigration. I think these people should be fined for holding up the ship $500 for every 15 minutes should get their butts out of bed and into the line up with all the rest of us non-US citizens at the appropriate time so that everyone else who needs off the ship can do so quickly.
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