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Originally Posted by misguidedangel
BrigGuy-I sure would like to know which ships make any non-US passengers go toa lounge to clear immigration. I've been on five cruises in two years and I have YET to wait in a lounge with other non-US citizens mmet. I've had to do it ONCE when we were going to St. Thomas from Half Moon Cay. All non-US passengers were checked before we were allowed to get off the ship. We met in the big show lounge and it was a quick and painless 15-20 minutes. The US passengers had a much longer wait than the non-US as there were more of them.......

DUnno waht ships you've all gone on, but I would have to wonder why they want you to meet in a lounge boefore debarkation instead of just clearing US customs in the terminal!!!
We have now done 12 Carnival cruises and on all but 2 of them we have had to go to customs, which took place in a lounge or disco, on debarkation day. I think I remember from one of your other posts that you prefer western cruises, perhaps the rules are different for western ports of call, since it was our exotic western and one of our first western cruises that we did not have to go to customs on the ship. I think that where immigration takes place depends on the ports of calls that you visited on your cruise and whether they are US jurisdictions or not.

The wait for the lounges is often painless, taking between 15 minutes to 45 minutes in our experience. I don't object to having to go to customs, well I guess I object to the early wakeup call. I only object to those people who get paged for well over an hour to go to customs while the entire ship waits for customs clearance. It's unfortunate.
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