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Originally Posted by Katmom
Last week we did self assist on the Imagination...The only part I didn't like was that they told EVERYONE they had to be out of their cabins by 9:00, and of course, their are people on this earth who think rules are not for them, and did not leave their cabins, so, we were on deck 7, and that was the deck the gangplank is on, we were the first allowed to disembark, but because people were in their cabins still and shouldn't have been, instead on standing in a small line like everyone else who followed the rules, they just held up the whole process dragging their stuff out of their cabins and cut in the line wherever they could butt their way in. THAT made the process longer and more frustrating, otherwise I did not have a problem at all with it.
Ok, I now have that out of my system!
Doesn't it feel better to have it out of your system ? Our complaints are consistent it's the people who feel that the rules/instructions don't apply to them that hold up the process for the rest of us.
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