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Regarding the names that you hear paged over and over regarding immigration--I've said this before but allow me to pass it on again --
pick up a phone and dial their cabin. Once they kept paging this guy with a Spanish name for what seemed like forever, giving his name and cabin number. After I couldn't take it anymore, I picked up a phone, dialed his cabin and --guess what--after 4-5 rings this sleepy voice answered. I advised they had been paging him forever to report to immigration and if he didn't do so immediately we were coming after his a%%.
We never heard him paged again. I could only wonder as to why some half-wit at the pursers desk couldn't call his cabin rather than spend 45 minutes paging him every 2-3 minutes. It works. Next time you hear them paging and holding up the process, pick up a phone and " advise " the culprit
that he has 2-3 minutes to show up or they will come get him.
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