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Default Cruise Jobs for an Event Manager? Plus a few more questions

Hi Guys,

I want to work on board as it sounds like a life changing experience and have been hungrily reading through the forum posts and searching for possible jobs. However there doesn't seem to be one that i am perfectly qualified for - Activity/Social Staff seems the closest but i don't have a 'theatrical' background which is preferred.

I have 5 years event management experience in the music industry (i run concerts and festivals). I am very good at organising with an attention to detail. So here are my questions;

Are there jobs for Event Managers as opposed to activity hosts?

Does it sound like I could get a job as Activity staff with my level of experience?

Whats the general response time from cruises after I've have applied? should i bug the hell out of themit? Ie. post, fax and email my resume to the one company.

Am I at a disadvantage cause I'm Australian ie. need to get a visa?

Sorry for all the text this forum just seems like a wealth of info too good to not use.

Thanks in Advance.

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