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Default For those of you (like me) interested in the ships piano bar

So by now y'all have figured out the Ron Pass will NOT be on the Bloggers Cruise in the piano bar. I tried very hard. There were lots of emails, lots of promises, but alas no follow through... To paraphrase an old saying "The flesh was willing, but the planning was weak."

I'm very disappointed, as is Ron. Oh well.

On a happy note, I'm looking forward to meeting Richie Canter who will be in the piano bar. I've been trading emails with him. I warned him about the pajama party on the first night. He sounds like he can be a lot of fun. In fact, he's worried about whether we all will "bring it"... !

In his last email, he said " Hey, I hope you all are rowdy enough for me; that's the question especially for how fresh I will be."

Ours will be his 2nd cruise back after a month and a half off ships. I told him that I didn't think rowdy would be a problem with this crowd.

Anyway, see you all very soon!

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