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We have sailed both lines. RCL I think has a better ship but I like things about carnival as well. One thing I really liked about carnival was the ability to get a bite to eat that was not buffet or dining room. Although RCL has the promenade the sandwiches are mediocre and pizza not so good. Carnival has much more of a choice- hamburgers, hot dogs, fries, and pizza. Carnival also starts the dinner buffet on the lido deck earlier. It makes it easier to grab something on the go. It's not only about the food. Carnival usually has something on the lido deck at night like say a caribbean band in case you are not into going to the shows or you get bored at the casino. Just something sort of laid back to do. My husband enjoyed sitting out there having a drink and listening to the music. RCL to me had top notch service and the pool deck area was really nice. I don't think you would be disappointed either way.
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