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Default Mature 27yo Female - Eurodam in April '09


Let me preface by saying I am not looking for romance! I just desperately need some relaxation, and I am hoping to find someone to pal around with... I am open to a cabinmate, but I am really leaning towards staying in an inside cabin, alone. I need to get away from the stress of my job and my family, and none of my friends enjoy cruising. I have been on 3 previous cruises with family, but this would be the first time solo. Is anyone interested in the April 11th or April 18th sailing of the Eurodam? On sea days I'm pretty low-key... I like to hit the gym or do some laps in the morning, and then veg out on a lounge chair with a good book. On port days I love to do something active and fun. If anyone is interested, or going on the Eurodam as another solo, please let me know and we can chat via email.
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