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Default upgrade-prices drop-I am left hanging.

I am booked on an 8I gty on 3/3 sailing of Spirit. I just saw on my TAs website (and other cruise websites) the price drop a total of more then $400 total for our trip. I called the TA, she called Carnival and they offered a measly $25 pp credit. She said upgrades were impossible at this point because 9As are 400 more pp. I was dumbfounded and thought the whole situation stunk. I called Carnival, were surprised they even spoke to me, and they upgraded me to a 9A and gave me a cabin number; I asked about a cat 11 or 12 but they politely refused explaining that I was within penalty period (which I have never heard about before). I took the 9A because it was a take it or leave it deal. I now have gone home to check the prices of 9A and see that the 8s have even dropped lower!?! What is going onI honestly feel taken. Is there any recourse? I called Carnival 2x since and they refuse to spk to me because I have booked through a TA.
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