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I just realized you may not have heard of the food I listed.
kahlua pork, at a luau the whole pig is wrapped in banana leaves and cooked in an "imu," an oven dug into the ground.

Chicken long rice, this is like a chicken soup made with bean curd noodles which are clear noodles.

Lomilomi Salmon, is a It is a fresh tomato and salmon salad. It is typically prepared by mixing raw salted, diced salmon with tomatoes, sweet gentle Maui onions (or sometimes green onion), and occasionally flakes of hot red chili pepper, or crushed ice. It is always served cold.

Hawaiian style Macaroni Salad, well this is close to regular mac salad, however, lots of mayonnaise, they grate the hard boiled egg into the salad, add peas and carrots.

Haupia, is a traditional coconut milk-based Hawaiian dessert. Although technically considered a pudding, the consistency of haupia closely approximates gelatin desserts and is usually served in blocks like gelatin.

Poi, is made by mashing steamed Taro into a liquid consitency. The other food are very tasty. However, Poi is yucky (my mom loves it ).

Laulau, the dish wraps salted butterfish, and either pork, beef, or chicken into a ti leaf and steams until cooked.
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