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Default Wondering about Crown Princess..keep reading bad reviews

Hi, previously I have cruised on Celebrity and Royal Caribbean as well as Golden Princess.

I thought Golden Princess was amazing in every respect. I also liked Celebrity but was not impressed with Royal Caribbeans Voyagers of the Seas. I found the Voyager to have slipshod service and the food was ghastly for the most part.

I was really excited about taking another Princess cruise based on my experience on the Golden..I found a cruise out of Rome this Spring that really suits my fancy. It is on the Crown.

While doing some research I keep reading horror stories about Crown...the tiny cabins..are the cabins really that small? The terrible food and service..on and on. ..On previous cruises we usually get inside cabins and have been quite happy on other ships. Does the Crown have flat sceened T.V.s with international CNN? This cruise will be part of two month trip around Europe and I like to keep up with the news.

How does Crown measure up to the Golden? I was on the Golden on an Alaskan cruise and thought the food was the best I have ever had including the buffet.

After reading all the negativity about Crown i am rethinking about booking with them and going with Holland. Holland has a itnerary that is much the same.

I have read that the crown is really a Carnival type of ship. Not knocking Carnival but it is just not for us. I realize they are owned by the same company.
Can I get some honest opinions on the Crown. is it really that bad? I love their itinerary but want to have good food as well.

I am not a nit-picker and could care less about towel animals or the like.
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