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Default Re: purchasing bottles of alcohol on board

Originally Posted by dld
I thought I saw a way to pre-order bottles of alcohol for your cabin but cannot seem to find it now. The prices were not duty free. Anyone know if that can be done and if so how? Thanks.
I have NEVER had any problem putting liquor in my luggage. First off, you are technically allowed a bottle of wine per person. If you take 2 bags each, put 1 bottle in each case. That gives you 4 bottles of wine to bring on. As for hard liquor, I jus pour it into water bottles. 6 water bottles give you a giant 1.5 litre bottle or 96 0unces (6 x 16 oz). Put 3 bottles into each case and that gives you 192 ounces of hard liquor and 4 bottles of wine, that should be plenty for 1 week. If you need more, when you are in port, buy a few water bottles, emty hem and just put in your purse or pant pocket when coming aboard!
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