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Originally Posted by 2sailors
Unfortunately, our plane arrives in Seattle on Wednesday at 7:20 pm. From what I can see, no ferries run at a late enough time for us to make one to get to the island that evening. If we stay in Seattle Wednesday night, then get 1 of those ferries to VCI first thing Thursday is there any way to confirm a reservation? From what I've looked at on the ferry schedules, if you wait until the day of to book your crossing, it's "first come,first serve". Also, do either of these ferries from Seattle allow for vehicles, or are they foot passengers only? That's why we were thinking of getting close to Vancouver and taking the Tsawwassen both ways? We had wanted to stay on VCI Thrusday night but are worried that if there is bad weather, the ferry won't make the run on Friday morning and we'd miss our sailing! I was SO disappointed about that because I found a wonderful hotel on VCi where I would have loved to stay. Any other suggestions, I'd greatly appreciate.
Seattle is passenger only, no cars. As I mentioned you would have to cross at Ancortes, which does take reservations. Sorry, but you are making a mistake to consider a ferry without them. Frankly, you are wasting a significant amount of time, if you use the Tsawwassen ferry, which does take reservations. You need to allow 4 hours from Seattle due to custom lines. It is a way round about routing eating up valuable time, you don't have. Your "bad weather, and missing the ferry" ideas are unfounded. It's not going to happen. The ferries run. I've taken the ferry the morning of cruises twice, but I also have way more time than you are planning. Think this through and really look at time realistically. You are probably going to be better off with other plans.
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