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Originally Posted by gardenmaniac
just got back from the NCL Pearl, have been on Carnival Victory.

I think you can have a good cruise on either, but don't set your expectations too high. We found the service in the main dining room lousy on Sun night, better on Thursday. Went to one specialty restaurant as I don't think I should have to pay more $$ (thay had a 2/1 special with free margaritas) the rest of the itme we went to the buffet, WAY better options & faster (2 hours & still no dessert in dining room)

NCL..not a lot of organized activities. Loved the entertainment.
Carnival..more activities to get involved in, way more cameras shoved in our faces

you get what you pay for...we paid Motel 6 prices & you won't get the Marriot..

we made up our minds to have a good time & not whine...
It is a shame you only tried the main dining room twice and depended on the buffet but for some, I guess that is a choice. I have clients who did the same only on Carnival. They found the service and food so bad on the Holiday they opted for the buffet..Of course it was a 5 day cruise which is always different.

I am glad you made an effort to enjoy yourself, that is 1/2 of the battle. I also don't think you can put the Pearl in the same catagory with "Motel 6" unless you have stayed at some motle 6s that were a heck of a lot better than the ones we have used.
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