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Default Limited Mobility Bahamas Excursions?

Hi Folks!

We're finalizing plans for our first cruise! We're traveling with my elderly parents. They are quite active but my father has a few mobility issues. He can't walk as much as he used to.

In Nassau we are thinking of taking the Atlantis Resort tour. In Freeport, we were thinking of doing the semi-sub or the glass bottom boat.

Which would you suggest for a large-sized person (250-300 pounds) with somewhat limited mobility? (Walks with a cane and rests whenever possible.)

We're definitely planning to go with an official cruiseline excursion in Freeport since our time is limited there, but we wondered if Nassau/Atlantis is something the four of us could do on our own or if it would be better to pay for the $54 "Discover Atlantis and Harbor Cruise" Tour.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.

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