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Originally Posted by Nothin but blue skies
Originally Posted by lhp
I did not say they padded EVERY bill.....

I said there have been way to many reports to ignore of this happening at this folks need to be forewarned.

Just because it did not happen to you does not mean it has never happened and folks need to be aware.....
And I didn't say they DIDN'T. I just said that ours was not padded and we had a nice experience there. That was the only time we have been there and I have not heard of any complaints except this one. Was your bill padded there? I am sure that this probably happens frequently when people are not familiar with currency conversions in foreign countries.
I am on about 10 different cruise forums and 5 of those 10 have had someone (not the same person) complain about this establishment over the course of the past year
Most of the time it is in the written review of their cruise.

It was the same "MO"...the "American" befriends them on the sidewalk...then chats with them while they are in the restaurant ...then "disappears" just before the bill comes.

It happens dismiss it. It happens twice...someone goofed. It happens to 5 different people in the span of a think???????

It had nothing to do with the conversion of currency. One bill was $70.00 (American) for 3 people for lunch.... which was nothing more than nachos and beer....who were there for 2 hours. Grand Cayman isn't that expensive...much less Progreso.

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