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Originally Posted by showcat
Anyone done this? Wondering if they are much smaller then the 4a's? Mine is on the Carnival Glory. web sites they are 185ft and 4a are 220ft, I've heard some people say the size is the same, others say they are smaller. Mine is in the very front of the ship, with portholes. Any one who has been in one of these let me know what you thought, how was the view?
Sounds like there is some confusion? A 4A is 185 s.f., a 1A in many cases on Conquest class, like Glory, can be up to 220 s.f. (the opposite of what I think you said?)

The port hole cabins are next to 5As and about 5 feet smaller than a 220 s.f. 5a. The 1A two down will again be smaller again by 5 ft in length as the hull curves. So, the two 1As next to the 5As are largest of the choices and yes larger than 185 s.f.

Also, you mention the convertible sofa and someone said something about a pull down. The convertible sofa is just as is, and they take off the coverlet and the pillows to sleep on. It doesnt pull down or fold out. It is a little lower than a twin bed and so you cant push the beds together.
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