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We too found the kids on HAL better behaved than on other lines although there were not many of them. 1/2 of me says, keep this one line geared to the more mature and seasoned crowd so we can have a place we feel we belong, the other 1/2 says "I understand" like all businesses the cruis industry is going to market itself to the gorup that will spend the money and return. Sure seniors can spend the money, but how many years more will we be able to return? The 40 somethings have 30 or 40 more years to cruise, we have maybe 10 or 15. Of course I am generalizing.

And Hombre, at 65 you are just beginning your days of cruising, don't get discouraged. The winter cruises and the longer ones on HAL will still have their share of us seasoned travelers...

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