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Hi Carol, it's me... Lucy Ramirez. I had to get a new user name of LucyR. since I forgot my pasword and it was hard trying to get a new password.

I have been in a Cat.1-A with the two portholes. The cabin was beautiful and spacious. It had one lower bed and two upper beds and a sofa on the floor. It had enough space for 4 persons to sleep bed wise.
It was located in the lowest deck so I could see the ocean waves splashing on the portholes at times. It was fun looking at it.

The major flaw was that the ships bounce more in the front of the ships.
So the cabin was moving up and down and I could hear the waves too.

I loved the cabin but it had a major problem with the shower drain and it was stopped up. I talked to the hotel manager and he had me moved to another cabin which was a cat.4-A. I didn't have to pay any extra money.

Always ask for the name of the top person in charge of cabins which is the hotel manager. I didn't tell the front desk workers because they always say they don't have any cabins available.

It was on formal night that the drains got stopped up so I was all dressed up when I met the hotel manager and I said to him, "I would like to take a shower but I can't because the drain is stopped up and the workers are not able to fix the problem. He said to me, "go have a nice dinner and then go to the front desk and they will help you."

I just went to the front desk and said, " the hotel manage has made arragements for me to move to a new cabin." So they moved me.

It is 185sq.feet like the cat.4-A's.

I don't remember the name of the Carnival ship.... except that I had my own cabin real cheap.

I think that Carnival keeps the old photo of the bunk beds to discourage cruisers from buying the cat.1-A's. It looks so dismal but I did talk to a travel agent from Carnival who explained to me that the new Carnival Splendor has one lower twin size bed and the other bed is in the ceiling.
It is also 185 sq.ft. I booked the Carnival Splendor for Halloween and for Dec. 6th for the MEX-RIVIERA. LUCY R.
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