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Originally Posted by sail7seas
Originally Posted by nmnita
Originally Posted by DEEN
My family and I have been on at least a dozen cruise ships. But we have yet to experience the Holland America line. Going on the basis that the whole theme of the cruise is more for the older crowd and does not cater to younger families. Please give me some input if I am incorrect as we plan to make our decision in the next few weeks.
Without reading other responses, I will give you my views on HAL and the age group. Yes, you will see young families even on the 10 day and longer cruises, but the average of the HAL cruiser is about 6 years older than any other line. That may not sound like a lot, but "average" is the clue. We love HAL, the service, the crew and the cabins. What we did not like, was the age breakdown, I might add, last time we cruised we were in our late 60s and glad we were with friends.
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Just curious......

Why do you not read the responses to OP before posting your comments? I wonder why we read yours if you don't care to read ours. Sorry, but I always wonder when I read a poster doesn't bother reading what anyone else has to say.
wow, I guess I hit a sore spot with you, I am sorry. I do have a good reason (and sometimes I do read all the responses) the reason I often do ot is, so I won't be inflenced by others. I would rather give my opinions before I see how others have anwered? Does that make any sese to you? I didn't mean to get you so upset...of maybe I am taking your question wrong?

I will add, I always read the responses after I have posted mine or most of the time I do..

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