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Default Re: Breastfeeding mom going on cruise without baby

Originally Posted by MamaGalloway
So my Dh and I are going on a cruise Feb. 20. We have a 3 month old who is going to be staying home with his grandma. The problem is that he is still nursing and I have no idea how to store the milk I pump while I am at sea! Has anyone ever done this?

Any ideas or suggestions are welcome!
Congrats on the baby and the cruise This is a tough question and I haven't been in this situation with such a young baby but when my current youngest was a year old my husband and I took a cruise and left her home with the grandparents, I was still nursing and I pumped extra feedings for the month before the cruise and while I was away I pumped and dumped rather than trying to store it and transport it, especially in light of the current liquid limitations on airlines. She picked right up where she left off and all was well. Be aware though that there are risks to this and I am not trying to dissuade you in any way but many of my friends went away while their babies were nursing and when they returned their babies were totally not interested in returning to breast feeding. One of my friends was completely devestated, the others took it in stride but all have said if they had it to do over they'd make different choices. Every baby is different, mine couldn't care less than I left her for a week, she was happy to see me and happy to return to the normal feedings.

Good luck and have a great time!

OOOPS I forgot to add the most important point- If you contact guest relations they can help you with a fridge if it is not standard issue in your cabin category. Packing a cooler and some icepacks may help as well.
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