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Originally Posted by showcat
Thanks Kevin there will be 2 people in mine it's supposed to have a fold out couch but I can suck it up and take top bunk if needed just hope I wouldn't roll out!

Luci, I was asking if I can change cabins on the ship cause I'd like to try our cabin, I had a 6A just a few far back from the front and it was fine, on an 8 night cruise I did. Do you think the ships make the upgrade prices higher or lower if you change on the cruise it's self?
Im not Luci, but every Carnival cruise Iv ever been on sailed full, including the one I was on last week. No upgrades or changing of cabins possible (I ran into several who tried).

I still think there is no fold out couch. On Carnival, its just a couch, that you remove the pillows and the coverlet, it doesnt fold out in any way. Carnival calls it a "covertible" sofa, because it doubles as a bed.
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