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Originally Posted by DEEN
My family and I have been on at least a dozen cruise ships. But we have yet to experience the Holland America line. Going on the basis that the whole theme of the cruise is more for the older crowd and does not cater to younger families. Please give me some input if I am incorrect as we plan to make our decision in the next few weeks.
Don't be at all concerned. HAL caters to all age groups, most especially young children, on their shorter cruises.

HAL has long been known as an "elegant" cruise line, noted for its higher than average level of service onboard. That's why the older folks tend to flock to HAL for their cruises. However, on a seven-day Caribbean or Alaska itinerary, you're gonna get lots of younger folks too ... and in school vacation periods many of them will have their children onboard too.

HAL has been trying to reinvent themselves over the last several years by specifically marketing to the family cruisiers. I guess HAL is concerned that their traditional customer base is getting older and older, and perhaps nearing the end of their cruising life. So, to stay competitive in today's marketplace, they are adding lots of amenities for children (such as Club HAL improvements, the Oasis, etc.) and venues that will be especially pleasing to the younger cruiser (Northern Lights Disco, neat new bar and lounge venues, etc.).

True, you will get lots and lots of older people on the longer HAL cruises, but I think you will get pretty much that level of older cruisers on any line sailing those longer itineraries. But don't be too hesitant to sail with these older folks, because I've personally found them to be among the most interesting passengers onboard, with lots and lots of great travel stories to tell.

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