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Our lone complaint was on our Southern Caribbean cruise on the Crown Princess. We booked an island tour of St Lucia a combination bus/catamaran tour. The bus we boarded was an old Korean (judging from the signs above the door) intercity bus with a cracked windshied. The bus stalled out repeatedly on the mountainous terrain of the island and finally gave up completely at the plantation/lunch stop. Our quick thinking and resourceful guide commandeered a bus from another company to shuttle us to Sofriere and the volcano to keep us as close to schedule as possible. She repeatedly called her office to try and get a new bus while not missing a beat on pointing out the sights. We were picked up at the volcano by the same bus that the driver had managed to revive. Luckily it was all downhill back to town where we boarded the catamaran. The bus gave up again at that point. The catamaran was dangerously overcrowded and there were no indication that there were life preservers anywhere aboard. The "placid beach" we stopped at had an undertow that would suck an elephant out to sea and we were beseiged by peddlers on kayaks. Needless to say, we were a very bedraggled upset bunch when we arrived back in Casteries. We immediately filed a complaint with the tours desk who said that they would look into the matter. I got a call later that they would refund $40 of the $90 per person we paid. I was happy with that outcome. A day later they decided to give a full refund to everyone.

We did tip the driver and guide as the bad equipment was not his fault and she was an excellent guide and busted her buns to make things work.

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