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Originally Posted by You
Hi there:

Has anyone cruised solo before? Did you enjoy the experience? Thanks
About eighteen of my twenty-five cruises were "flying solo" and I would do it again in a heartbeat.

Here are a few tips.

>> 1. Book on a ship with traditional assigned seatings for dinner, and request a table for eight (a table for six or ten is also workable). Chances are that you'll find somebody with whom you can relate at a table of this size. If you request a table for two and don't hit it off with your dinnermate, it's an extremely awkward situation. And at a table for four, you are likely to be the fourth person seated with a party of three and thus be the odd person out. At a larger table, however, the conversation tends to be open so you can join in.

>> 2. Go to the activities and events that are of interest to you, as that's where you will find people with interests similar to yours. Also, take a shore excursion that's of interest for you in each port of call for the same reason. And if you see people that you meet at activities and on shore excursions around the ship, by all means greet them and ask what they have been doing!

>> 3. When you go to an activity or event, or when standing in a buffet line waiting your turn, don't hesitate to start conversations with those around you. A question like "This isn't your first cruise, is it?" is a great icebreaker. If it's the person's first cruise, you can ask his or her impressions so far. If not, you can ask how many, where the person has gone on the other cruises, which lines the person has used, etc., and how this cruise compares.

>> 4. And when you go on shore excursions, do befriend those around you on the same excursion. There's safety in numbers, and fellow passengers usually will look out for you -- especially if they realize that you are alone!

Have a great cruise!

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