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Best Australian joke of 2008 is this i have read on the internet,

Procter:did you call Symonds as Monkey?
Bhajji: No,I called a monkey as Symonds.
Procter:So you did
Bhajji : (Silence)
Procter : How dare,you insulted a monkey.You are banned for 3 matches.
Bhajji : Sad
Ponting& Co : !!???
Ponting : hey,Symonds.What he said?
Symonds : What ever,he is banned.You can bat well next game.
Ponting : No,Anil is also there,ask him whether he can ban him also.
Symonds : We'll see in next match,if he takes your wicket,we'll complain.
Ponting; Then ok. Come.......... Send scrap to all your friends at once!
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