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Originally Posted by jimswims
I have been 6 NCL cruises with our 7th planned and only 2 Carnival. We were on the Holiday in 1990 and broke down and tried the Miracle this past August. I was so pleasantly surprised with our cruise as it exceeded all of my expectations. We are looking into other Carnival cruises in the future.

I think that the biggest difference for me were the set dining times. We adjusted to this well and it was better than I thought it would be in terms of quality and service. We loved the buffet on Carnival much more than NCL. I thought that the portions were bigger on Carnival. I loved the supper club. NCL has some great speciality restaurants as well and we have been to all of them.

I actually think that there are more similarities than differences. Enjoy your cruise what ever line you decide to go on.
Jim, I think all mass marketed lines are more alike than different. As for adjusting to the set dining times, we have tried it, but for us, it just doesn't work. Yes, for the right ship and right itinerary we could do it again, but 6ish is just a little too early and 8:00 or 8:30 is too late, not to mention there are times when we would love to dine a little later and the occassional time we want that really early dinner. As for the buffets I would have agreed until we were on the Spirit a few months ago, the buffet was the best we have had in 23 cruises.
(lunch I should add) we do not do dinner buffets and breakfast is pretty much the same on all ships, but even that was surprisingly good on the Spirit. Even the milk was hearted for hot cereal and they offer either 3 or 4 hot cereals. The only problem, I don't choose hot cereal when cruising.
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