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Default Favorite GLBT Cruise Line

Not sure that my post will exactly be in the spirit of your question, as I've only sailed on 1 cruise line... but this will be my 7th cruise with them.

I saw a couple of earlier posts on Holland America Line where the Cruise Director has refused or delayed FOD gatherings until the very end of the cruise.

Sadly, I've also encountered this before with them, but only with 1 particular CD, only on 1 cruise. Luckily it wasn't my first Holland America cruise, or I'd probably not have returned to sail with them again.

My last cruise - 15 day Hawaii - Zaandam was hosted by a "Family" Cruise Director. Not sure if it's politic to put his full name, but he's Adam D. He hosted 5-6 FOD events and even picked up the tab for the first couple of rounds of drinks. He was a fantastic CD and helped to make that cruise a magical experience.

I recently heard of another 'Anti-FOD' cruise director and emailed Mr. Steins office (President of Holland America Lines) with my concerns when I found out he was to be CD on my next cruise. Mr. Steins office actually phoned me the next day. They've even sent a letter to show to any 'reluctant' cruise directors specifically authorizing FOD events AND their being published in the daily listings onboard.

While I had read a couple of complaint emails on another cruise message board site, Holland America stated that they were unaware this problem existed. Maybe the posters didn't complain to HAL, just on the board?

I find that a bit odd, as another couple, who have almost 300 days on HAL ships, already have the same kind of 'authorization letter' I just received.

At any rate that's my 2 cents.

Oh. Here's another 2... If you have any trouble with your CD not getting the FOD gatherings in the daily log, PLEASE let the head office know! Squeaky wheels and all that.

Um, does that make it 3 cents now?
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