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Default Day at Sea on the Blogger's Cruise

Blog2NOLA – Day 2
Last night Mrs. Kuki and I went to sleep shortly after the Pajama Party… but at least we were already dressed for it. I do finally feel like my body (and mind - what there is of it) have caught up, after the lovely (beat the heck out you) flying to get to the cruise, and a couple of lively days in New Orleans.
This morning John Heald held (say that 5 times quickly) a Q&A session for everyone in the Blogger’s group at 9 A.M. I’d estimate about half the group showed up, which was quite impressive considering the amount of alcohol I saw consumed last night. Included in the discussions were questions ranging from improving Carnival’s passenger program, to Carnival’s air/sea program, to what type of hemorrhoid cream John uses, to talk about Heidi and the coming “thingy” (baby).
We took the opportunity to present a gift for Heidi and “the thingy” from myself and the Blog2NOLA cruisemates. The original plan had to been have those who wanted to bring individual gifts, but that would have presented shipping problems, so instead we presented Heidi with 400 lbs. (not John… English currency). Frankly, in the many years I’ve known John, I think this was the first time I’ve even seen him speechless. I do think he is so very excited about the upcoming birth of their first child, that he gets emotional any time he thinks about it. And no doubt he misses being home with Heidi, even now, though he’s returning to home to Britain at the end of March to be with Heidi, and await the birth.
The rest of the morning and early afternoon were spent with everyone doing whatever it is they like to do on a ship. John is doing afternoon tea on each of the sea days, with 2 tea times each in day. It’s set up to allow for smaller groups so that John gets the chance to actually mingle with people in each group. CruiseMates Tea Time with John was today at 2 PM, and about 4 dozen cruisemates attended, drank tea and nibbled cookies and cakes, and finger sandwiches, acting just like grown-ups.
This evening, with a lot of help from the Maitre d, his staff, John, and the other group leaders, we managed to reseat each of the groups, within the Blogger’s group, in sections of the dining room close to others in their group. It did take a bit of effort, but by the end of dinner, most everyone seemed happy. At least I hope so.
Tonight was the ship’s Mardi Gras Parade and Pub Crawl, which started in the Piano Bar and made its way around the ship. I only saw the beginning of it, but it did appear to draw quite a crowd. That was followed up at midnight by the late night comedy R rated comedy show of Lewis Nixon, who did a great show. Lewis is very well known to past Carnival passengers, and they turned out in a big way to see him perform, despite a likely early morning wake up for anyone doing tours tomorrow in our first port of call, Progreso, Mexico.
I apologize for not including pictures today, but things were so busy, I simply ran out time to upload them to the photo galleries. This is one of the “things” about a 5 day cruise; everyone is trying to jam seven or eight days of fun into 5 days! It’s a high energy chore, for an “old guy” like me. I’m trying to keep up!
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