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Thanks for the hint about the pizza, Joseph, I will remember that. The kids I am bringing with me are all CRAVING GOOD PIZZA. 2Littletime, I appreciate your comments. I know that many times people on these boards are the ones that had a bad time, so I take what they say as a prep for any problems, but I don't look for or anticipate them. I will make a few adjustments to my packing (based on your comments) for the days at sea. Usually, the pools are crowded on this day anyway and we would make use of other services. Do you have any idea about the Spa? I couldn't find a price listing anywhere and I was thinking an at sea day might be good for mani's or pedi's. (If they are too much, like on Carnival, we bring the stuff and do our own with any other teen girls that we have found by then). Cruising is a HUGE treat for us, as this is our only vacation each year. My hub and I are missionaries in the Caribbean and our children generally appreciate EVERYTHING. Also, can you tell me about the sports and fitness on board? We are all Exercisers (big time for the girls) and wanted to take the classes everyday, do you know if they offer a variety? My teens and I do almost everything (run, aerobics, tae bo, pilates, belly dancing, etc.) But, we have always wanted to learn Yoga. (Only have Fit TV for that). We also play basketball and volleyball (are there really courts for this onboard? and do you know the cost to use?) OK, last question, about the formal nights, how dressed up do they get? This is probably going to be the HIGHLIGHT for the girls, since they don't get to dress up ever. Thanks for everyone's advice and encouragement. We are soooo looking forward to our upcoming cruise! If anyone else has suggestions, please let me know (especially about port activities).
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