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Default Carnival Liberty Transatlantic "enrichment" info

In a previous "career," I helped organize the on-board enrichment program for Royal Olympic Cruise Line (now bankrupt). One of my jobs was to develop "enrichment" books, containing information about the history and culture of the ports.

I have created such a document for the Liberty Transatlantic cruise with info about Rome, Civitavecchia, Florence (which my friend and I plan to visit), Barcelona, Majorca, Malaga, Granada (I've signed up for that shorex), Madeira and Sint Maarten. I also included stuff about the Strait(s) of Gibaltar, the Atlantic Ocean and Unesco World Heritage Sites that are on the itinerary.

I am putting this information together in spiral bound books for myself and my friend. If anyone is interested in this information, I have put a sample (the table of contents and the first part of Italy/Rome) in the files section of the following yahoo group:

(clta stands for carnival liberty transatlantic!)

The actual information is illustrated with graphics and appropriate quotations and includes a "cruise log."

If anyone would like a copy of the information, please let me know. I would only charge for copying and binding the booklet and postage to send it to you. I will create a personalized cover with "Prepared Especially for <your name(s)> if you want.

Anyway, I'm happy to share the research that I did so let me know if you're interested.

M J Dolan
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