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Default Re: Is MSC really that bad...or not?

As a travel agent with 57 cruises, I feel qualified to comment. While it is impossible to please all, I will give you my feelings on MSC. We sailed the Lirica in 2005 and loved it. Cabins are small, even for 2, but every other aspect was excellent. I have sold many cabins on MSC, and raved over the line. I just sailed the Orchestra, and would not recommend this line to anyone. As an agent, I have a duty to tell the truth, not just to agree that every ship and every cruise is fantastic. We had a Category 11, Luxury Balcony. The room was small for 2, let alone 4 or 5. Children love movies, especially on a cruise. Movies cost $10.70 each. So if you really want to pay that to see The 40 year old Virgin, Wall-E, and other old movies, you will love MSC. The bath comes with no washcloths, and the room stewert is invisible until the second day, no matter how many times you call for him. Room service is a joke. If you misplace a single sheet of info ion the 1st day with all the papers given,you have no idea you can get sandwiches. A club sandwich is a turkey club only,and when you order one you get a half a one. But you can BUY many items on room service. When you get on board, their is no free glass of bubbly for repeat cruisers as mentioned in the info. The balcony glass and the entire balcony is coated in salt. It will be cleaned halfway throught the cruise, though. And toward the end of the cruise you are given an info sheet telling you that if you bought any wicker items, they won't be allowed back into the states. Give that info on the 1st day, please! Dinner was a big joke. Lousy service, lukewarm food. We ate at the speciality restaurant for 5 days. It was the best thing on the ship, but at $25 a person, can add up. But it was worth it. Avoid the Chinese restaurant, I would not eat there again even if free. You pay per item, and will pay $30-40 per person easily. The 1st night we had a very large table of Italians that shouted, laughed at the top of their lungs, even had the wait staff giving them ugly looks. And, to top it off, they started smoking at the table, and nothing was said to them. There is no free ice cream anywhere, and when the kids want ice cream it is $1.50 a cone. Great ice cream, but start adding. And pizza is offered only at night for free, so during the day you can purchase it! For such a large ship, there are too few shops onboard. But the best thing, or worst, depending on your view, you can buy liquor off ship and bring it back to the room and drink it there. You love Coca Cola but not Pepsi? Only Pepsi is sold, at @2.50 a small glass. No soft drink cards. I was really looking forward to their private island, as the other lines have great ones. We finally got off ship at noon, had to be back onboard for 3. And NOTHING is free on the private island. Food, drinks all cost a very high price. And if having 1000 chairs for 3000 people is your idea of fun, you will enjoy it. If you get up to take a dip in the water, your chair will be gone when you return. People will dump your belongings and take your chair, nobody will stop them. We found all ports had a very short stay. Better planning by the cruise line is needed here. I could go on and on.... but you get the picture. Oh, I almost forgot. Of the 3 main elevators midship, 1 was out of service the whole cruise. And for free fun, you can push a button, watch the other 2 elevators pass your floor 6 times before stopping. Enjoy! I forgot to add about smoking. It is allowed in the cabins, but not on the balcony. Yet everyone who smokes does it on the balcony. Get used to the smell in all the hallways!
David Landry
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