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Hey Hombre,
Blessing on you for making yourself available when there is not a chaplain on board.
One of my best cruise experiences was a HAL cruise for 14 days that encompassed the entire week of Hannuka. If I spelled thar wrong, please, no one get mad at me. A Jewish friend says that they can't even agree on proper spelling! And, I am not I'm blonde, as in "dunb blonde".
Anyway, HAL had an Orthodox rabbi on board to do evening services and, while I did not attend the services, he also had discussion groups on the Lido in afternoons at sea. I met him and his wife on a tour, then went to one of the afternoon chats. A great learning experience. Toward the end of the cruise, he asked if I had enjoyed the talks, to please put it on my comment card, because apparently, they will bring specific religious leaders back based on popularity. I even wrote a letter to HAL. Popularity may not be a good basis for anything religious, but this man tried to answer every question that came up to the best of his ability. He told us that anyone of faith has questions and that, since we would probably never see each other again, why not ask the ones that we were not totally comfortable going to our religious leaders at home with. No canned responses from him and we got a great discussion going.
Okay, really rambling here, but you brought back some good memories.
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