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Default Cheap is not always best

Originally Posted by CruisingJen
Vacations to go is not the best place to buy cruises. It's a good guide to start with, but then look around, I always find cheaper on the web than them. Also, their prices don't include taxes that they are showing, so it is very deceiving. For example an Alaskan cruise inside cabin will show $699 or so and then when you call them, they say, yes, but then it's another $120 pp for taxes. So they aren't showing you the bottom line pricing. I wouldn't use them.
Cheapest is not always best. Buy the cheapest and you are giving up something. One of the things you give up is the advocate you have with your travel agent should a problem occur. I use to buy the cheapest. One time we had a bad experience on board. We called our agent, a non discount agency. She was able to solve our discontent while we were on board the ship. She know who at the cruise line to call. That service was worth the extra $100 we spent on a full service agency.
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