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Default Feb. 9 - Progeso, Mexico - Port of Call

Feb. 9 – Port of Call – Progreso, Mexico
Today was our first, of two ports of call; Progreso, Mexico. I haven’t been to Progreso for several years, and though we didn’t book any excursion, our intent was to take the shuttle down the long pier, and into town, and simply wander, with a stop on the beach. None of that happened for Mrs. Kuki and I, but I know most of the CruiseMates gang went ashore. Now, I imagine you’re wondering what happened to Mrs. Kuki and I, that we didn’t go ashore… or maybe you don’t care, and aren’t asking yourselves that.
Last night we had dinner with CruiseMate’s Editor in Chief, Paul Motter, his lovely wife Lou Ann, John Heald, comedians Al Ernest, and Lewis Nixon, and Carnival’s Director of Entertainment Chris Prideaux. We had a great time, and during dinner, somehow the conversation turned to Al Ernst suggesting I do some stand-up comedy during one of his shows on this cruise. For some strange reason Lewis and Chris thought it was a good idea. Too much wine maybe? Of course I thought they were just kidding, but the conversation went on, with them telling me what a good idea it was.
As some of you know, for the past several years I’ve done a series of “days on the job” articles for CruiseMates from various ships. There were no such plans in place for this cruise, but as I told Chris, Lewis, and Al, the idea of writing an article was intriguing to me, though the idea of getting on stage, and doing a stand-up comedy act made my knees shake, and my cheeks squeeze.
The discussion ended with a “homework assignment for me”; to go and write a “stand-up act”, and we’d meet today to discuss it further. I went back to our cabin, and thought about it, to see if I could come up with anything that might be funny to anyone but me. I came up with a few ideas this morning, but was still pretty leery of willingly making a fool of myself.
The four of us got together today, and I ran some of what I’ve come up by them for input. They had me just read it to them, and I was humbled when I actually got some laughs from professionals, who I think are very funny men. I was given some ideas on what to use, and how to keep the stories succinct. I’m putting the basic ideas together, and it appears that I’ll be participating in Al’s late night show on the last night of the cruise, the day after tomorrow. I suppose the good news is all the passengers will be disembarking the next day, so I won’t have to see them again if I totally bomb. We’ll see if I survive the stage fright, and go through with this “plan”, or hide in my cabin until everyone on the ship disembarks the next day.
Tonight was the CruiseMates Pirate… er Private Cocktail party, which we’d dubbed the Arrrrgh uably Best Cocktail Party. The CruiseMates gang came through with amazing creativity, imagination and spirit, and took the “pirate theme” to unexpected heights. I think everyone had a ball!
I have some fabulous pictures of the creative pirate costumes that these folks put together.
The cutest pirate EVER

More photos in galleries
At 10 PM tonight was the Passenger talent show, and Beenie and her mom performed a SUPERB Blues number... Kansas City.
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