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Originally Posted by reverendjeff
I wonder if it is just me, or are the rest of you unimpressed by "free upgrades". Give me a better price on the cabin type I want. IS it really that big of a deal to get to move up two decks? I couldn't care less about which deck I am on so long as I recieved a good rate.
I have been on many different decks and sure some of the higher decks are easier to get to from public spaces, but I don't really care.
Am I alone in my thinking?
I wholeheartedly agree. Whats the diff between deck 4 and 5 other than the $20 or $30 they charge you? The room is the same, the view is the same, the towel animals are the same. Yes you can save some steps going to the upper decks but conversely you are closer to the lower decks which often have the dining room, lounges and casino. So its a crapshoot as they say. I too want to save coin on the deck I want to stay on. Charging more for a floor above you isnt worth it.
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