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Thanks for your reply Scott. I left some facts out of my original post.
Of course I contacted my cruise planner. Through Emails, VMs, and Fax, I asked her to please make sure mine and my adult kids' fuel charges were put back onto my credit card. She E'd me back that that RC's policy is to put them onto the sail card of the purchaser. OK, great. 1st night on board I immediately went to the customer service desk to make sure this was done. I was told to come back in the morning, this is when all their passenger info is D/L into thei computer. Next morning... no fuel credits appeared. The very helpful CSR then E'd the coordinator of the ship with my dilema. That evening I received a VM on my cabin phone saying he was working on it. The following night I went to the ship coord. and left a note on his desk. The next morning I tracked the guy down. We sat for an hour while he looked through his comp. totaly baffled. He PROMISED me that by that evening he would have answers. The following morning my cruise was over.
Today I faxed my cruise planner with a letter and a copy of her emailed promises... so far I haven't heard from her.
As for the cancelled trip to Coco Key, hey, RC is not responsible for the weather, I know that. It was also pouring on the ship and with the temp. in the 50s, So no one was at the pool or on the deck. IMO, when there is incelement weather, a cruise ship should have plan B. Add more comedy and game shows during the day, movies, live bands, etc. The only additional activity our ship had was a scrapbook class.
I dont want to sound like sour grapes! But we bought our 5 adult kids with us... first time cruise for them was such a disappointment and I was shorted $$$280!!!!
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